The HAWC Observatory was inaugurated in March, 2015, as the world's most sensitive wide-field multi-TeV observatory. With only brief pauses for maintenance or repair, data from HAWC has been accumulating since, providing a unique view on the high-energy sky.

HAWC's great utility to the astrophysics community is its unbiased, continuous view of the multi-TeV sky. Central to HAWC science is uncovering new steady sources in places and continuously monitoring the sky for high-energy transient events (like AGN flares or GRBs).

This page is the repository for the data that is being made public as part of this mission. Check out the available datasets and the list of peer-reviewed publications.

The new 3HWC catalog from the 1523-Day Survey is now available for download. Be sure to check out the 2HWC 507-Day Survey containing measurements and uppper limits across the entire HAWC field-of-view. A similar interactive tool for 3HWC is in the works.

This page is aimed primarily at working physicists and astronomers who will use HAWC data in their research. For more general information on HAWC, check out the HAWC Public Homepage